Ranking System Edit


Alpha Edit

The alpha of Nightfall (Rhea) has all control over the pack and it's members. Alpha is the leader role in the guild. The alpha makes all choices for the pack and are the most respected members of the pack. The alpha is also responsible for leading the pack into battle, and ensuring the safety of every member. Rhea is also the pack's spiritual leader.

Beta Edit

Betas are second in command. A beta has an officer role in the guild. The main job of a typical beta is to enforce pack law/code and to make sure the pack follows the Alpha's given orders. Betas are also responsible for controlling/leading the pack during the Alpha's absence. Betas must be prepared at all times to preform tasks such as speaking at gatherings, meetings etc. If any beta fails to complete their task they will be demoted or in severe cases, exiled from Nightfall.

Shaman Edit

Shamans are the healers of the pack. They have a close connection to the spirits and nature around them, and often lead spiritual events in the pack. They start seances and perform blood rituals and sacrifices. Shamans have an officer role in the guild.

Delta Edit

Deltas are the elite fighter force of the pack. Deltas have a member role in the guild. They have trained for long periods of time for battle, and are generally scary in appearance; with scarred and tattered pelts. Deltas protect every pack member, and are very masculine and are skilled fighters beyond comparison. When not in battle, they spend most of their time training, mentoring recruits, and defending the camp.

Omega Edit

Omegas are the recruit role of the guild. Omegas often train with the Deltas for battle. Omegas must complete their crucible before being ranked up to Delta.

Crucible Edit

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All recruits must complete their crucible before being ranked up to a member.