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Occupation: Alpha of Nightfall Pack

Wolf Appearance: Black fur. Yellow eyes. Sharp claws and fangs. Slightly taller than average, standing at 6'9 feet, thin, good build.

Human Appearance: Rhea manifested herself as a 5'6 foot tall woman with a slim hourglass figure. She has beige skin and wears light steel and cloth armor that was blackened by dragon fire. Blue eyes. Her face is hidden by a dark hood that shadows her face. Her long, light brown hair is either down or in a side ponytail. She wields an ancient bow that appears precursor in appearance.


Rhea's recent actions have been described as occultist in manner, praying to an ancient god, and mourning the death of her recently lost mate, Tenebris, who never woke from the sunset. It is rumored that she has been blessed by Moon Pack, or by another deity.

History Edit

She began to seclude herself, returning to her birthplace in the depths of Black Forest for months, and returning almost completely different. She has renamed herself Rhea, leaving her former title of Astrid behind.

Rhea is a very secretive wolf, and hides her emotions. However, she is caring and kind at heart and has a great sense of humor when necessary.

Rhea has not revealed whether or not her parents are alive, or even who they are, but it is to be assumed that they were killed. Rhea has one biological sibling, Seastar, who is several years younger than her who was born in Snowhill.

Sweden moon rise

Black Forest

Since Rhea is directly involved with the Blackforest family wolves, it is to be assumed that she is of the same bloodline. However, being the same age as Jake Blackforest himself, it remains a mystery who her relatives actually are; although Rhea claims to be of the ancient and rare Nightfall bloodline.

Rhea's main ambition is for her pack, Nightfall, to gain tremendous power and influence over Sacred Grove and its adjacent lands.

Rhea possesses traits that of a Nature Wolf, however her magic's appearance does not resemble a basic Nature Wolf's.

Beliefs Edit

Rhea is a devout Thulian. She spends most of her time studying and writing the Thulian bible and other archaic sources. She is also constructing the temple of Thule, as well as Nightfall's fortress.



Nightfall Edit

Rhea is the leader and founder of Nightfall. She also serves as the pack's spiritual leader and is the High Priestess of Thule.