Everything within the circled area is Nightfall territory.

Nightfall's territory horizontally stretches from the main road to the river next to the Sanctuary. Vertically, it stretches from the mountains bordering Merry Vale's south end down towards the hills above the main road. Nightfall's camp is located on the hill just south of the mountains bordering Merry Vale.


Excerpt from Nightfall's code. See the Code.

Section V: Territory Edit

2017-04-24 (1)

1.   Borders must be patrolled daily.

2.   Patrol on the main paths, but also go off of the trail and check other places (such as camps).

3.   If an intruder is spotted, report the sighting immediately to the alpha, or officer, if she is offline. A confrontation group will be arranged to question the intruder's whereabouts.

4.   If an intruder attacks any guild member, they will be executed.

5.   If any non RP-er (such as questers,explorers) enters the territory they are to be regarded and left alone unless they attack.

6.   All non-RPers are allowed in territory!

7.   Intruders are other role players that are unknown or enemies with Nightfall only. Allies of the pack may enter the territory, unless a meeting is in order or otherwise.