Thule Edit

Wall of thorns by abz j harding-d9uzr1l

Thule (The Faceless) is a skeletal humanoid figure with a horned wolf skull as a head. He greatly resembles a wendigo. He is believed to be the creative force of the universe, including the creation of Moon Pack. Thule is often referred to as "The Faceless". Ex: "Hail The Faceless!"

Thule was one of the deities followed by ancient Nightfall wolves in Black Forest. Thule is believed to bring peril to his follower's enemies and a successful hunt. He is also regarded to be the god of night, death and fear; as well Nightfall's guardian.

Thule is honored by blood rituals and live sacrifices led by Shamans. Thule appears only to devout Nightfall wolves in times of need, or when summoned in a ritual.

Thule has an enormous impact on Nightfall pack, since he is the primary deity.